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Art Gallery Fabrics

How to match Seamwork patterns to these dynamic fabrics.

Posted in: Makers & Crafts • August 31, 2017

The Alice shirt sewn in Trouvaille Routes Sand.

When you are looking for the perfect fabric for your project, you need to consider the color, print, texture, and quality of the fabric, all in one quick touch. For a fabric company to win the hearts of makers worldwide, it needs to offer something desirable on all fronts. Art Gallery Fabrics has done just that, with high-quality fabrics designed with modern colors and prints.

Melissa is a product designer at Art Gallery, and we spoke with her about what makes their fabrics stand out. We started with their knit fabrics, since we used an Art Gallery knit for the Alice shirt sample this month. Art Gallery knits are uniquely soft and stretchy, with a high-quality weave that Melissa describes as, "the ultimate dream factor.”

It's not just comfort that makes their fabric stand out. Art Gallery works with a group of modern designers to create steady collections that tend to sell out, “This creative process is so much fun because we always try to have our consumers in mind. We ask ourselves for every print: What types of things would you sew with this print? Is the scale the right size? Are the colors contrasting enough? And the list goes on.” Designers are often working on multiple collections at a time, evaluating trends as they go, “We try to make a cohesive collection that contains blender prints, medium scale prints, and then your focal main prints.”

Here are the most versatile garment substrates that Art Gallery offers, matched with some of our favorite Seamwork patterns.

How to pick the best Art Gallery fabric for your project

Ojos Flames is designed by April Rhodes. This rayon works great for breezy garments, like Georgia.

RAYON: This substrate is new for Art Gallery, and it’s perfect for garments. “It’s the kind of fabric that makes you feel instantly dressed up but you can easily wear every day and feel comfortable because of its soft, drapey feel.” Rayon is perfect for breezy garments, like dresses, blouses, skirts, and even loose-fitting pants.

Meadow Vivid is designed by Pat Bravo. This knit has the ideal stretch for a dress like Neenah.

KNITS: Take a look at your closet—how many of your clothes are made with knit fabric? We have a bunch of resources for sewing with knits in past issues, like how to sew knits without a serger, and how to sew perfectly fitted knit garments.

Miss Thread Ashen is designed by Bari J. Voile works well for lightweight garments, such as blouses. It’s perfect for the Addison top.

VOILE: While you can sew some garments with quilting cotton, voile is often a better choice, as it’s lightweight with the drape needed for most garment sewing. If you’re new to sewing with voile, check out this article for tips for sewing with delicate fabric.

Bluebottle Field is from the solid textured denim collection. This denim is lightweight, perfect for a shift dress like Sonya

DENIM: Any denim lovers out there? The Denim Studio by AGF has a wide selection of lightweight denim ideal for garments, such as button-up shirts, and lightweight pants and skirts. We have a handy guide for sewing with denim that covers seam finishes and hardware.

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