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Design Your Wardrobe Part 2: Set a Goal & Make a Mood Board

Episode 154: Sarai and Haley share tips for telling your wardrobe story and making a mood board.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Style & Wardrobe • August 16, 2023 • Episode 154

Are you taking Design Your Wardrobe right now? Stop and listen to this special episode of the podcast!

Sarai and Haley are doing DYW right now, too, and they’re sharing their experiences (and tons of tips) with each module in the course.

This week, they’re sharing tips for telling a story with your clothes, editing it, and creating a mood board. Below are the show notes and some helpful tips from the episode, followed by the full transcript.

Tips for Design Your Wardrobe Week Two

  • If you notice similarities in all the mood boards you make throughout the seasons, you likely have a strong sense of personal style!

  • If your mood boards feel really different from season to season, your style is changing. Embrace those changes and work with what feels right to you right now.

  • Sarai is planning clothing for everyday wearability, while Haley wants to add some special garments to her closet. These are both great approaches to the process.

  • Sarai’s style words are Romantic, Simple, and Country.

  • Haley’s style words are Ease, Playful, and French.

  • Your style words only have to make sense to you, so don’t worry about how other people might interpret them.

  • Defining the lifestyle contexts you want to sew for is one of the most important parts of Design Your Wardrobe. Constraints help you edit. By limiting yourself to certain contexts, it’s easier to make decisions and sew clothes you’ll actually wear. Some of the contexts Haley and Sarai are designing for this fall are working from home, weekend fun, and being outdoors.

  • When it’s time to make a mood board, Sarai and Haley like to move from digital to analog. Making an analog mood board gives you even more constraints, and you can hang it in your sewing space or closet to help you stay true to your personal style.

  • Don’t worry about getting it “wrong” at this point because nothing is set in stone!

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