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Design Your Wardrobe with Color and Prints

The next round of Design Your Wardrobe starts soon, and it’s going to be FUN.

Posted in: Creativity & Mindset, Style & Wardrobe • June 30, 2021

If you love to wear colors and prints, you’re going to love the next round of our Design Your Wardrobe series. If you don’t really know how to bring colors and prints into your wardrobe, you’re also going to love the next round of Design Your Wardrobe!

It all starts on August 16th, and we’re teaming up with Spoonflower to help you learn about the roles that colors and prints have in your wardrobe. If you want to discover your favorite colors or find creative ways to mix prints, join our wardrobe-building party.

We even designed some really fun Spoonflower prints for this month’s issue. All the samples are made from fabric that Farrah and Haley designed! You can see all of their designs in our Spoonflower shop here. We’ll give you a closer look next month when we celebrate all things printed.

This is our 8th round of Design Your Wardrobe. If you’re new to DYW, you can read all about it here, but it’s a 3-week class that helps you sew collections of clothes you love to wear. Twice a year, we all get together and go through the class at the same time. We have daily emails, videos, creative exercises, and—most importantly—the most inspiring, supportive, and invigorating conversations with makers from all across the world on our private Community.

Some of you have taken this class with us since the first round, and this time, we have something special for you.

In addition to the core Design Your Wardrobe program, we’re carving out a special space for learning about color, prints, and patterns. This means that you can participate in more in-depth conversations and really grow your wardrobe design.

We always welcome beginners and new faces to Design Your Wardrobe, but this time, we’ll also have a space for you to really nerd out with us if you’re already familiar with the program.

Design Your Wardrobe is free for all Seamwork members, but you need to sign up for the party. Register here, and you’ll get the Style Workshop PDF and your first email to start gathering inspiration until the class starts on August 16th.

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