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Haley’s Spring 2024 Trend Forecast

Episode 178: How to authentically bring these 8 spring trends into your wardrobe.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast • January 31, 2024 • Episode 178

Trends are one of the most powerful forces that drive fashion. But they’re a little tricky.

On one hand, trends can be really fun to play with. They bring something new into your wardrobe—new ideas and ways of thinking about fabrics, details, or silhouettes.

But on the other hand, you don't want a closet full of really trendy things that don't really feel like you. Sometimes, trends can pull you away from your true style, and they might not have longevity in your closet.

Today, Sarai and Haley are talking about spring trends. They cover how to use trends in a way that feels right for you, plus eight trends for spring 2024 and some ways you can incorporate them into your sewing.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

How to Wear Trends: Understand Your Personal Style

The trend cycle is moving faster than ever. But if you understand your personal style, including where it is now and where you’d like it to go, it’s easy to play with trends—or completely disregard them.

It helps to think like a designer. You must have a firm understanding of the brand you’re designing for. In this case, you’re designing for yourself!

Find your Style Identity

If you were a designer for a brand, you’d familiarize yourself with the brand’s style identity. You’d know how to describe the brand in a few words, and those would be at the heart of your designs.

Your personal style is like a brand you build that shows off who you are to the world. So, this is your style identity.

It helps to distill your style identity into 3-5 words. If you need help with this, take the Style Workshop. It’s free for members or just $10 if you aren’t a member.

Find Your Style Signatures

When you have some words to describe your style identity as a whole, you can identify certain style signatures that you have.

Style signatures are the elements and themes that show up in your personal style over and over again. For brands, these might be colors, fabrics, silhouettes, and details. Identify what these are for your personal style identity, and those are your style signatures.

When you have your style identity and signatures, you can bring trends into your wardrobe in a way that feels authentic to who you are.

Your style identity and signatures are the main course. Trends are the dessert—optional but fun.

Now that you know how to bring trends into your wardrobe—just like how a designer would bring trends into a brand—here are 8 trends to explore in spring 2024.

Haley’s Spring Trend Forecast

Botticelli Vibes: This trend features ethereal and romantic head-to-toe whites. You’ll see diaphanous fabrics that are sheer and flowing. You want to look like a painting, playing with fluid drape and opacity. To sew this trend, gather and pleat sheer and opaque fabrics in a way that plays with opacity. Or, use lace.

Paint It Black: You usually don’t see black in spring, but an all-black look is in this season. Play with contrasting weight and drape. Look for exciting and strong silhouettes. Incorporate different textures into the entire all-black look.

Peek A Boo: This trend will be really fun for fabric. You see lots of open weaves, even on knit fabric. Look for patterns with keyholes, cut-aways, and lace-up closures. Play with sheer reverse applique or cutwork. You’ll also spot lace here.

Bibs and Pinnies: This trend takes inspiration straight from overalls and pinafores—and you can interpret it literally. There are so many fun patterns out there. If you want to nod to the trend without sewing overalls or a pinafore, look for details like high, straight necklines and half-apron style peplums.

Exaggerated Length: Trendy silhouettes feature exaggerated lengths. This includes ultra high-rise pants, oversized yokes, and dropped waists. You can also create this look with monochromatic separates.

Coming Up Roses: You’ll see roses everywhere this spring, including rose prints, rose applique, and rose-themed accessories and pins. You can even create rosettes out of fabric and adorn them on your garments and accessories.

Micro Mini: This spring, you’ll see short hemlines. If this isn’t your look, layer shorter hems with tights and tall boots for more coverage.

Lilac Lady: A color you’ll spot this spring is lilac. All sorts of shades of purple are trending, creating a tonal color palette.

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