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How I Sewed the Ultimate Dog Walking Accessory

Tips for making your own belt bag.

Posted in: Tutorials & Techniques, Patterns • December 11, 2023

I adopted my dog Lucy this summer, and we go on walks every day. I wanted a cute, hands free bag for our walks, so I sewed up the Rey belt bag pattern and hacked it for doggie walking purposes.

In other words, I added an eyelet to create a dog poop bag dispenser!

Watch the video or keep reading to take a tour of my bag.

To make this, you only need 1/2 yard of outer fabric and lining fabric. I used leftover quilting cotton from my reversible tote bag tutorial that you can watch here. Then you could make a matching tote too!

This project also calls for webbing, an adjustable slide release buckle or parachute clip, a slider, and 14 inch zipper. I got all these colorful notions on Etsy. Search there and you'll find tons of options in fun colors.

To make this into a dog walking bag, I added a pocket to the inside. I cut a piece of contrasting scrap that was 4" x 6" to create the pocket, and turned the edges under 1/4”.

At the very end, when the bag was completely finished, I added this 7/16" eyelet. Eyelet kits come with the tools you need to set them and the only other thing you need is a hammer or mallet and an awl.

Now, I didn't have an awl at home, so I used a large nail to poke a hole for the eyelet. This is the kind of situation when I am so grateful to be creative!

After I finished this project, I had a bunch of ideas for customizing another belt bag. Here are some of them.

  • Add even more pockets to the inside

  • Add velcro to your pockets for more security

  • Use reflective zipper tape for nighttime visibility

  • Use colorful topstitching

  • Quilt your fabric to make an extra comfortable bag to wear

  • Make a matching zipper pull or tassel from leftover scraps

  • Sew a key ring with a clip inside your lining

  • Use your smallest scraps to make each piece in a different color

Have you ever sewn an accessory for your dog? Comment and share your ideas!

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