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How to Build Your Sewing Skills Intentionally

Episode 63: Sarai and Haley talk about how you can build up your sewing skills intentionally while making things you still love.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast • November 9, 2021 • Episode 63

There's a hidden trap that keeps a lot of people from getting to the skill level they really want to reach when it comes to sewing.

It isn't about time, or having the right equipment, or ambition. It's not being able to get to something we call the momentum phase of sewing.

When you reach the momentum phase, sewing becomes so rewarding and enjoyable that you never want to stop. But before you reach that place, you can encounter a lot of frustration if you don't have a process to follow.

What you need is to build up the right set of component skills that will get you to that phase the quickest. In today's episode of the podcast, Haley and I talk about how you can build up these skills intentionally while making things you still love. When you do this, you save tons of time on wasted projects, and have a clear path to that momentum phase.

We'll cover:

* How sewing is like a tree.
* How to build that strong foundation for your skills.
* When to tackle the fun specialty projects you might dream about.

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