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Introducing the How to Fit With Confidence Class

Get comfortable fitting your me-made clothes with this fun, helpful video class and free download.

Posted in: Patterns, Fitting • September 30, 2021

When you sew clothes that fit your body, you feel empowered. And when something fits well, you feel good in it. In this How to Fit With Confidence class, you’ll learn fundamental fitting techniques to fit clothes to your body—all taught by our pattern designer, Haley!

There are so many fitting methods out there. When you are first learning, it can feel overwhelming. This class will empower you with the problem-solving skills to find what works for your learning style and your body.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this introduction to fitting class.

  • How to keep a curious mindset so you can get the best fit without the stress

  • We’ll help you gather your tools and resources, with a list of supplies and fitting books that we trust

  • You’ll learn how to ask the right questions—and diagnose fitting problems on a muslin

  • How to pin and transfer markings from your muslin to your paper pattern pieces

You’ll also learn some specific fitting adjustments, like:

  • How to shorten and lengthen pattern pieces between different points of measure

  • How to slash and pivot to add or decrease volume

  • How to increase or decrease fullness in a certain place on your pattern

  • And how to shorten, lengthen, and move darts to get them to the right point of fullness

As Haley teaches you these fundamentals, you’ll have access to a supportive worldwide community of makers—and the Seamwork team—who can help you troubleshoot your muslin and perfect your flat pattern adjustments. Post pictures of your muslin so we can help with the fit, ask any questions, big or small, and show off the progress you make as you learn new fitting techniques.

Learn How to Fit With Confidence

A Free Downloadable Fitting Journal

Our favorite part of the class is this free downloadable fitting journal. This journal has tips for diagnosing fit issues on your muslin, identifying the changes you need to make to your pattern, and journaling all the progress you make.

The journal is free for anyone to download, but the class and Community access is only available to Seamwork members.

Download the Free Journal

Fitting is an Adventure

We like to say that sewing is an adventure—and fitting is also an adventure. It’s not a linear journey, and it’s not one-size-fits-all. The goal of this class and the new journal is to guide you through your fitting journey, help you maintain a curious mindset, and give you the problem-solving skills to sew clothes that you love to wear.

Oh, and this How to Fit with Confidence class is just the introduction to fitting—we’ll keep adding new fitting tutorials to the Classroom throughout the year!

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