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Pattern Hackers: How to Create an Asymmetrical Wrap

Break the rules with three pattern hacks for the Lyle dress, by Chelsea Miller.

Posted in: Tutorials & Techniques • April 30, 2020

Everyone knows that sewing gives you superpowers. First on that long list is the ability to break the rules and make garments that represent you and your taste. We want to encourage you to think of our patterns as a blank canvas that you can customize to truly suit your style.

Our pattern hacks are designed to teach you hacking basics that help you customize patterns so that you can become a confident pattern hacker. Each month, we will show you how to draft and sew one new pattern hack, and we’ll share links to two additional pattern hacks from our pattern hacks library.

These hacks help you give your Seamwork patterns a custom spin—all you need is paper, a ruler, and a pencil!

The Lyle dress is perfect for all sorts of spring and summer activities, but its simplicity also makes it perfect to hack into many different designs! This month we’ll show you how to hack your Lyle dress for an asymmetrical wrap front. Our other hacks this month include creating a v-neckline and a deep back neckline with a modesty panel.

Note: For best results, be sure to make any necessary fit adjustments before hacking your pattern.

HACK ONE: Asymmetrical wrap front

Draft an asymmetrical wrap front for your Lyle dress!



Straighten out the hem of the front piece. Use your ruler to draw a straight line from the side seam to the center front. Repeat this step for the back piece.


Draw a ½” (13 mm) seam allowance under the line created in step 1. Cut off the curved hem below the seam allowance. Repeat this step for the back piece.


Either print out a second front piece and repeat steps 1 and 2 or trace out the front piece with the previous steps already applied on some on some pattern paper. Label one “upper front, cut 1” and the other as “under front, cut 1 on fold”.


Using some pattern paper, open up the pattern piece of the “upper front” piece so it is one full piece, as shown. Remove the center front fold line.


Mark where you would like the angled hem to start on the hem (we made ours in the middle of the hem). Mark how high you would like the angled hem to go. Use a ruler to draw a line connecting these marks.


Draw a ½” (13 mm) seam allowance on the “upper front” piece along the angled side made in step 4, connecting to the seam allowance made in step 2. Make sure to square where the hems connect, to make hemming easier during construction.


Cut out the “upper front” piece.

HACK TWO: V-neckline

Change up your Lyle dress’ neckline for a v-neck by using this hack from issue 35.

HACK THREE: Deep back neckline with modesty panel

Embrace a plunging back neckline (with a modesty panel!) using this hack from issue 55.

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