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Pattern Reimagined

A fresh pattern hack for the Sadie sweater, by Chelsea Eisenberg.


Pattern Reimagined

A fresh pattern hack for the Sadie sweater, by Chelsea Eisenberg.

Posted in: Patterns • December 31, 2018

Additional ideas for hacking Sadie:

  • These pattern hacks for Sadie show you how to crop the sweater, lengthen to a dress and add a kangaroo pocket, and add an angled hem.

  • Slash and spread at the bust to make a dramatic trapeze silhouette. This hack shows you how to create a trapeze silhouette.

  • Add a waistline and attach a gathered peplum or skirt. This hack shows you how to create a peplum.

  • Play with the size of the funnel collar. Depending on your fabric, you can have a very dramatic look. This hack will help.

One of my favorite trends for this winter has been cropped sweaters. I can’t get enough of them, especially paired with high-waisted pants or skirts! I decided to give my own spin to our Sadie sweater, which is perfect, since I love a good funnel collar. Sadie is a great pattern all-around to play with some hacking ideas, especially for cozy sweaters.

Here are the changes I made:

01 | I shortened the length to around my natural waist.

02 | I brought the sweep of the hem out 2”.

03 | I slashed and spread the sleeve beneath the elbow to create a bell sleeve.

04 | I shortened the funnel collar, due to my fabric being a bit stiffer. I thought it looked nice around this length.

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