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Quick Tip Series: 5 Scrap Busting Ideas

Episode 165: 5 creative ideas for organizing and using your fabric scraps.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Fabric & Textiles • November 1, 2023 • Episode 165

Starting today, Sarai and Haley are hosting a quick-tip series on the podcast. For the next few weeks, they’re sharing quick episodes full of tips to answer your most burning sewing questions.

And today they’re talking about scrap busting, with five ideas to help you bust your scraps.

This episode is inspired by our new 8 Weeks of Mindful Making series over on YouTube. Subscribe to see all the other ideas, projects, and patterns!

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

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5 Tips for Busting Your Scraps

1. To stay on top of your scrap game, start with good organization.

  • Keep your yardage scraps that are 1/2 yard or more separate from your smaller scraps.

  • Then organize by size, color, or fabric type.

2. Be realistic about what you’ll use and what you won’t.

  • If it’s really small, reserve it for filler for ottomans or pet pillows.

  • Create a bag or box labeled “filler” or “stuffing” scraps.

  • Look into textile recycling in your area.

3. Understand what makes a good scrap-busting project. Here are some:

  • Accessories, like headbands, scarves, scrunchies, hats and bags.

  • Patterns that have a lot of seam lines. You can add your own color-blocking lines to any pattern. Check out the first video in our scrap busting series to learn how to do that.

  • Undergarments, both knit and woven.

  • Quilts and home goods.

4. Create a scrap busting catalog.

  • Use Pinterest to save scrappy ideas.

  • Think big or small. It could be full garments or little home goods projects.

5. Flag some of your scraps for specific projects.

  • This is where your scrap-busting catalog is really helpful. Cross-reference it when you need ideas.

  • Set aside a pile of long scraps for bias tape. Make a pile for smaller pattern pieces like pockets, facings, collars, plackets.

  • For fabrics that look great together, set them aside for patchwork garments.

  • You can keep these assigned scrap projects in a bag or box and label it.

  • After you’ve gone through your scraps and flagged them, don’t be afraid to add more scraps to your “filler” or “stuffing” bag.

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