A quick and easy skirt with a few surprises.
Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol Bristol

A good skirt lasts a lifetime, which is why you will have no trouble sparing 3 hours to sew Bristol. With its full shape and stealthy pocket underneath the center panel, this skirt has a few surprises. An elastic waistband makes Bristol an easy, comfortable sew, and the silhouette allows you to quickly create a vintage look.

To accentuate Bristol's full shape, choose a flowy challis. For a more crisp look, and to provide structure, pick a light twill. If its cool outside, wear your skirt over tights, and if its warm, treat yourself to some Liberty fabric to make a statement while flower shopping at the Farmer's Market. With all of its possibilities, you'll find that Bristol is one for the ages.

Design number: 3010

Bristol appeared in the April, 2015 issue of Seamwork.

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