Make a change with a reversible wrap skirt.
Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka Osaka

Spend just under 3 hours sewing Osaka and you can have two new skirts in your closet in one day! This form-fitting reversible wrap skirt is easy to sew and easy to wear, giving you dozens of style options and the ability to play with color, texture, and fabric.

Version 1 of Osaka provides you with the cutting layouts to sew a skirt with two fabrics, and version 2 gives you cutting layouts to make a skirt with four fabrics - giving you two totally different skirts in one! Keep one side solid, or monochromatic and create a go-to, workhorse skirt to wear to the office, and mix color and print on the second side for an outfit worthy of a night out.

Osaka's basic shape and minimal finishing makes this the perfect project for any beginning sewist to tackle. This project will show you how easy and fun it can be to make versatile, wearable pieces for your wardrobe!

Design number: 3008

Osaka appeared in the March, 2015 issue of Seamwork.

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