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Pattern Hackers

A DIY approach to patternmaking, by Haley Glenn.

Patternmaking can seem like this really intimidating skillset. But you don’t have to draft an entire pattern from scratch to explore these techniques.

We’ve added a new feature to Pattern Hackers each month: video! In this video, we’ll show you how to draft the shawl collar for the Milo cardigan.

Drafting Instructions


Start by measuring the front and back neckline of the Milo cardigan. Subtract 1 1/8” from the neckline measurement to account for the seam allowance.


Draw a rectangle that is this measurement by 5”. This will create a finished collar that is about 2 1/2” wide. You can play with these proportions to create a more petite or dramatic collar.


Add 3/8” seam allowance around the entire rectangle.


Draw the grainline and label the pattern piece, “Collar: Cut 4.”

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