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Seamwork is a monthly membership that helps you build a custom wardrobe. As a Seamwork member, you get access to our library of wardrobe-building patterns, updated with new designs every month. You’ll also get articles, inspiration, and exclusive pattern hacks delivered right to your inbox.

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    Each month, use your Seamwork credits to download patterns. Choose from our extensive library or the newly introduced patterns.

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Explore Our Patterns

Our patterns are designed to work together effortlessly so that you can build a closet full of versatile garments. Browse our catalog of patterns for tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and even outerwear.


Seamwork Loungewear and Lingerie

Relax in style with our thoughtful selection of loungewear and lingerie.


Ariane is a fashionable bodysuit that is ideal for layering. This foundation piece features fold-over elastic finishing, lined cups, and crotch snaps, making it as functional as it is stylish.

More about Ariane »


Seamwork Tops

From T-shirts to blouses to sweaters, our tops will keep you stylish through every season.


The York top is a versatile wardrobe staple. York features 3/4-length sleeves finished with a modern split cuff, and a subtle center back inseam keyhole with a sweet tie detail.

More about York »


Seamwork Dresses

We have a variety of dresses to suit different tastes and occasions.


Neenah is a classic turtleneck dress. Neenah’s knit construction and flattering shape make it a comfortable and classic wardrobe staple.

More about Neenah »


Seamwork Pants

Whether you prefer the comfort of leggings or the sophisticated look of tailored trousers, we have a variety of pants to suit your style.


The Tessa jeans are a tried-and-true jeans pattern with traditional fit, tailoring, and finishing details, and includes all the tips and tricks for sewing up a pair of jeans.

More about Tessa »


Seamwork Outerwear

Good layers can make an outfit and help transition your look from season to season. Check out our cardigans, sweaters, jackets, and more.


Lilliana is a Chanel-style box jacket that is easy to sew up and style. With just a few pattern pieces, no closures, and a bias bound finish, this straightforward design makes it easy to experiment with bold fabrics and trims.

More about Lilliana »


Seamwork Skirts

From knit to woven, and fitted to flowing, our skirts are designed to mix and match with other Seamwork separates.


The Patsy skirt is a modern day take on the peasant skirt. Patsy features a wide waist yoke for shaping, a slightly gathered skirt, patch pockets, and a bottom panel.

More about Patsy »

Browse our full collection of over 100 patterns here.


Each month with your Seamwork membership, you’ll get:

  • Beautiful, quick patterns

    Use your monthly Seamwork credits to download wardrobe-building patterns of your choice — new designs are added every single month!

  • Bonus variations

    You’ll also have access to extra pattern pieces that give you even more options — exclusively available to Seamwork members.

  • Pattern hacks

    Want to get even more from your patterns? Monthly pattern hacks tell you exactly how to create a new look from a pattern.

  • Fabric and style ideas

    Visualizing the right fabric, colors, and pairings can be tricky. We help you out with articles and photos to help expand the possibilities.

  • Discounts

    Even if you run out of monthly credits, you can still get $5 off any pattern in our library — plus, discounts on fabrics.

  • Additional ideas and inspiration

    You’ll also get emails with resources we think you’ll love.

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See what Seamwork members are saying

“My favorite part about Seamwork is the variety. The library of patterns covers activewear, lingerie, workwear, men’s clothing, casual clothing, and dressy outfits. There is nothing better than knowing that on the first day of the month I am getting two cute patterns that will be integrated into my everyday life.”

— Erin (@misscrayolacreepy)

“Having a membership to Seamwork is like getting the perfect sewing present in my inbox every month. Seamwork patterns are great basics that you can make three to four times to build your handmade wardrobe, and they are easy to alter to better fit your style/size. Seamwork also writes articles that are so on point with the modern world of sewing and that’s hard to find in any other publication. It’s like you guys read my mind with what I want to read and sew before I have the chance to look it up!”

— Trish (@trishstitched)

“Seamwork patterns are perfect to take me to whatever my next step is in sewing. Simple in construction, yet sleek in style, the patterns are as beautiful as they are realistic. Sometimes in a busy week, I will follow the pattern as it is to whip up a quick, satisfying make. Other times, I feel encouraged to go off the map, returning many times to the same pattern to perfect new techniques, fit, or to try my hand at new aesthetic choices with pattern hacking. I love that I have endless options using Seamwork patterns. My confidence sewing (and my wardrobe!) improves with every new issue. And considering they make great staples, I feel creative and comfortable daily in my handmade clothes.”

— Jessica (@jess_sews_clothes)