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Episode 65

The Decade Project: 5 Lessons So Far

The decade project is Sarai's challenge to sew 5 garments to wear for the next 10 years. It's taught her 5 key things about designing clothing for longevity, and they're all things you can apply to your own sewing.

This year, I made a dramatic life change. I sold my home, packed up, and left the city I’ve lived in for the last 12 years to move to the country.

As I unpacked my clothing, I realized something: I’d likely never wear at least half of the clothing I own. Between working from home, the new responsibilities of a rural property, and the setting, I just couldn’t see myself wearing things like white heeled boots on a gravel road, or a sleek silk dress to the local general store.

Have you experienced a life shift like this in the last couple years? I’ll bet many of us have.

That’s when I came up with an idea I’m calling
The Decade Project. I wanted to make clothing for the next phase of my life. I used the
Design Your Wardrobe process to plan 5 new garments to make that I think I’ll wear for the next ten years.

In this week’s episode of Seamwork Radio, Haley and I discuss what I’ve decided to make, and the lessons I’ve learned so far from this adventure. It’s taught me 5 key things about designing clothing for longevity, and they’re all things you can apply to your own sewing.

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