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5 Ways to Manage Your Fabric Stash

Episode 168: Fabric shopping and sewing are two different hobbies. Here’s how to manage your growing fabric stash.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast • November 22, 2023 • Episode 168

Sewing and buying fabric are two different hobbies, and they're both equally enjoyable.

But it's also important to marry the two hobbies so that your fabric buying habits and your sewing habits match up and you actually use all that fabric you're buying.

This is the fourth episode in our Quick Tips series, full of tips to answer your most burning sewing questions.

Today, Sarai and Haley are talking about your fabric stash. They’ll share five ideas to help you manage your stash.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

5 Ways to Manage Your Fabric Stash

Whether your stash is big or small (no judgment), here are 5 tips for managing your stash.

  1. Shop your stash first. When you start a new project, hopping on your computer and shopping for fabric can be exciting. Try to shift your mindset so that you shop your fabric stash first. It’s a great first step to managing your fabric stash—and a well-managed fabric stash is a stash that you actually use.

  2. Make your stash look nice. This might mean organizing your stash by color, season, fabric type, or weight. It really just depends on what's useful for you. If you want to have that experience of shopping for fabric without actually shopping for fabric, having your stash look inviting and well-organized helps inspire you. Read this article for the best methods for storing your fabric. You can also download an app for cataloging fabric—get ideas for current apps in the Community.

  3. Get to know your colors and prints. Prints are so tempting. But do you really wear them? Knowing the colors and prints you love to wear will help curb impulse purchases. You can use a wardrobe planning tool like Design Your Wardrobe. You can use our Style Workshop if you need to take a step even further back to analyze what your core style identity is.

  4. Identify your favorite textiles. Look at the garments you wear the most and make a list of the fibers you like. This will also prevent impulse purchases.

  5. Understand your yardage needs. If you find a fabric you love, but you don't have a project for it yet, how much yardage should you buy? There's no exact science, although many people swear by three yards (or meters), as a rule, so feel free to go with that. If you are more into pants and long dresses, better make it 4.

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