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Design Your Wardrobe Part 3: Define a Color Palette

Episode 155: Do you know what colors work best in your closet?

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Style & Wardrobe • August 23, 2023 • Episode 155

It’s the third week of Design Your Wardrobe! Sarai and Haley are doing DYW right now, too, and they’re sharing their experiences (and tons of tips) with each module in the course.

This week, they’re sharing tips for defining a color palette. They’ll talk about the palettes they picked for this season and what they found in their fabric stash and closet.

Tips for Design Your Wardrobe Week Three

  • Think about the colors you actually enjoy wearing. Not just what colors suit you, but the ones you like. Then think about where you like them, is it in accessories or in garments?

  • If the color isn’t “right” for your skin tone or hair, remember you can always wear it away from your face.

  • This season, Sarai is working with neutrals like black, cream, and white, and basics like navy and denim. For her statement color, she added a shade of red.

  • Haley is working with basics and a few statement colors, like chartreuse and brick.

  • If you’re struggling with prints, choose one print and build solid colors around that. Textures are a great alternative to prints if you don’t like wearing prints. And here's a pro tip! Cheater prints are a good substitute for quilted fabric. What's a cheater print? It's a print designed to look like patchwork.

  • Remember the rule of three. When you go into your closet, think about how your new sewing plans can work with what you already have. Can you find three outfits to make with a new piece?

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