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Notions Make Sewing Feel Special

This month, we encourage you to take a closer look at all the little objects in your sewing toolkit.

Posted in: Creativity & Mindset • June 30, 2021

Are you the type of maker who gets excited about a new piece of tailor’s chalk or a freshly sharpened pair of fabric shears? The theme for this month’s issue is Notions, and we encourage you to take a closer look at all the little objects in your sewing toolkit. How do these notions help you practice creativity?

Below are links to some resources and tools you can find in the Seamwork archives, as well as some features in this month’s issue that will help you celebrate your favorite notions.

Notions We Love

Ideas to Maximize Your Notions

  • The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up Your Sewing Space: This article has our favorite tips for creating a space to sew clothes you love to wear, including ways to approach buying notions and tools.

  • How to Update Your Sewing Room Without Buying More Stuff: If you’re a seasoned collector, you might already have more notions than you need. In this episode of the Seamwork Radio podcast, learn new ways to update your sewing space without buying even more things.

  • Longarm Quilting: If you love to quilt, but you don’t love to actually quilt your quilt, then find a longarm quilter! These makers will use their giant machines—and their quilting expertise—to help you finish your dream quilt. Carrie is a professional longarm quilter, and she shares her story in this month’s issue.

  • Get to Know Your Iron: In this article, the late David Page Coffin shares his tips for perfecting the art of pressing, a skill that not only makes your clothes look professional but it also involves some really fun tools. in another article, he also has suggestions for tools to help you get perfectly pointed corners.

Beyond the Haberdashery

Notions are physical objects, but so much of sewing is emotional. Our craft requires discipline, self-expression, and ingenuity—and the patience to rip seams again and again to fix mistakes.

  • This month, Mary gets real about her growth as a maker who used to cut all the corners when she sewed, but now she’s learned to slow down and enjoy the process. Read Sewing is Like Writing a Love Letter to Myself.

  • Katiusca sewed the Benning dress, but the silhouette wasn’t quite right for her style. So she grabbed a notion that’s essential for garment sewing—elastic—and changed that silhouette with ease. Read her project diary in this month’s issue.

  • Did you ever think to look outside for sewing tools? This month, read part two of Deanna’s project diary to see how she dyes fabric with hand-ground stone pigments.

  • All month long, the Seamwork Radio podcast explores the theme of notions. Sarai and Haley will share six tools they wish they bought sooner, discuss how much clothing you really need, and help you find your sewing why.

Take some time this month to explore your sewing toolkit. What’s missing? What’s the single most important notion that you own? (Just kidding, we won’t ask you to choose. That’s too hard.)

Cheers to haberdashery and notions worldwide! Don’t miss this article to browse an international list of independent fabric shops fully stocked with notions. Let us know what tools and trims you discover this month.

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