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Pattern Reimagined

How to sew a stylish wool skirt, by Wallis Smith-Owens.

Posted in: Patterns • January 31, 2019

Winter months always scream "wool plaid skirts" to me, but I'm not much of a traditional-plaid-skirt kind of girl. Typically your options are a pleated skirt (too Mean Girls high school vibes for me) or a fitted pencil skirt without stretch (no thank you, I'd like to eat my burritos in peace please). However, I scored a beautiful plaid wool on sale from Pendleton in Portland and immediately knew I wanted to make a skirt. Osaka offers some hidden benefits to my skirt woes.

Osaka Makes the Perfect Plaid Skirt

Osaka is a form-fitting, reversible wrap skirt with two versions to optimize your fabric combinations. It closes with snaps or buttons.

If you're anything like me, your weight might fluctuate on a regular basis. Osaka does not have a defined waistband, which means you can sew on more than one button and easily adjust the size of the waist—or wear it high-waisted one day and lower the next.

Since I didn't have a lot of the plaid wool fabric, I chose to make the lining pieces a solid black lining fabric, and I won't be treating the skirt as reversible. I wanted to really show off the plaid print, so I shortened the length of the contrast pieces. When trying on my muslin, I wasn't crazy about the curved hem in the front, so I straightened the hem.

Here are the changes I made to the Osaka pattern:

  • Shortened the contrast band 1.5"

  • Shortened the front 2" to eliminate the curved hem

  • Lengthened the darts

  • Drafted new lining pieces to eliminate the contrast band

Pattern Hack Ideas

If you want to try hacking the Osaka skirt, check out some of our free pattern hacks.

  • Create an angled hem with this hack from issue no. 33.

  • Lengthen your skirt with this hack from issue no. 33.

  • Add some rouleau button loops with this tutorial from issue no. 33.

  • For help lining up plaids and stripes, use this tutorial from issue no. 10.

Don't be afraid to think a little outside of the box when it comes to classic and traditional pieces—your overall look can be determined by what you pair it with. A plaid skirt can be a really fun and versatile piece with fresh and modern styling.

How to Style a Plaid Skirt

Pair Osaka with the Savannah camisole and Oslo cardigan to wear to a nice dinner.

Wear Osaka with a shirt-length Neenah turtleneck for the office.

For a day around town, pair Osaka with Astoria.

In warmer weather, wear a tank top like Julia with your plaid skirt.

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