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Where to Shop Online for Fabric (Part 2)

5 MORE places to shop for fabric online. By Sarai Mitnick.

Posted in: Makers & Crafts, Fabric & Textiles • January 1, 2024

Today, I’m sharing 5 more of my favorite indie fabric stores from around the world.

You guys suggested so many great ones in our last video, so today, I wanted to tell you about shops outside the US.

And if you are in the US, these shops still ship worldwide and can be a great source for certain rare and hard-to-find fabrics.

I'll share what I love about each of them, my favorite pick from each one, and what I'd make with it.

And if you’re a Seamwork member, you can get exclusive discounts on all of these shops and dozens more worldwide. Just log in here to get your discount codes.

Blackbird Fabrics

We use a ton of fabric from Blackbird Fabrics for our photo samples.

They are located in Vancouver, BC, but they ship worldwide.

Caroline is the owner, and she's such an inspiring maker. Here’s a podcast interview with her, and she shares how Blackbird came to be.

Blackbird focuses on garment fabrics. Their quality is always super consistent, and their team is so awesome to work with.

I feel like you can really shop for any kind of garment sewing here, but Blackbird is especially ideal for linens and bottomweights. They always have great colors and a bunch of different weights in stock. I want to shout out their cotton block print and swimwear collections too.

They sell out quick because the prints are gorgeous. So keep an eye out for their collection drops. In fact, be sure to follow Blackbird on social media because their team has so much fun making inspiring videos for you.

Website: Blackbird Fabrics

Sew Me Sunshine

Sew Me Sunshine is another quintessential fabric shop where you can get everyday basics along with special fabrics. And it's in London!

They do ship worldwide, and you'll find popular brands alongside deadstock and ex-designer options.

Their shop has so many different kinds of fabrics. Their website is very organized and easy to filter, and you'll find many Organic & Oeko-Tex Certified fabrics.

This is another fabric shop I'd recommend that you follow on social media. They have a bunch of examples of their fabrics matched with indie sewing patterns.

Following indie shops on social media or signing up for their newsletters is a great way to grow your fabric knowledge organically. They’re experts, after all!

Website: Sew Me Sunshine

Fabric Godmother

This next shop is located in the UK and ships worldwide. We interviewed Josie, the founder of Fabric Godmother, back in 2018 because we are big fans of her shop. And her store has grown so much since then!

Josie is a real-life Fabric Godmother. She hand-selects fabric with a focus on dressmaking. Now, she has her own Fabric Godmother collection of fabrics, an exclusive partnership with the Print Pattern Archives that brings vintage prints to life. You can find their prints in a bunch of substrates, like rayon, crepe, satin, poplin, linen blends, and jacquard.

I really recommend browsing the Fabric Godmother collection, so check out that filter on their website.

Website: Fabric Godmother

Rick Rack Textiles

Rick Rack textiles is a really fun shop. One of our Seamwork Amabssadors works there! This Calgary-based store has a strong local presence with events and PDF pattern printing.

Veronica founded Rick Rack's sister store called STASH Lounge, which offers knitting and other fiber classes. Veronica really wanted to create a space for makers who want to sew their own wardrobes, so Rick Rack focuses entirely on garment supplies and notions. You'll find all your favorite brands here with options for garment sewing, from activewear to knits and silks.

Miss Maude

Our final shop is in New Zealand but they also ship worldwide.

Emma is the owner of Miss Maude, and the shop focuses on quality, natural fiber apparel fabrics, so you'll find a bunch of Merchant & Mills, linens, hemp, wool, and—a bonus for all you knitters—high-quality knitting supplies, books, and magazines.

I always love it when I can shop for fabric and yarn in the same place.

Emma has great taste in color, fiber, and prints. The shop feels so curated, and I would love to visit in person, but for now, it's all available online.

Are there any indie shops you'd like to add to the list? Let everyone know in the comments, and tell us why you love them, too.

And if you're looking to save some money on fabric, all these shops offer exclusive discount codes to Seamwork members. Those discounts alone can pay for your membership, so if that interests you, you should check out all the benefits of a membership.

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