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Imagine designing and crafting a collection of clothing in the next year that makes you happy to get dressed in the morning. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Seamwork is a community that brings you patterns and creative tools every month to help you create your own wardrobe, in your own style.

Here’s How:

3 Magic Ingredients to Help You Fall in Love with Sewing

You’re already plenty creative. We bet you have ideas coming out of your ears – maybe more than you know what to do with. Seamwork helps you make use of all that creativity.

Build a personal library from over 150 patterns, all designed to be hacked, modified, and customized by you.

Design a creative process that whittles down your ideas to the ones that express who you are. Have fun and feel more creative!

Learn as you sew with weekly videos and our monthly online magazine. Celebrate your progress with our amazing community.

Magic Ingredient 1:

Build a personal library from over 150 patterns

As a Seamwork member, you get access to over 150 hackable, approachable sewing patterns that you can create in your own style. Each month, we add two new patterns along with hacks and bonuses for even more variety. Add them to your library to keep them organized in one place.

  • Over 150 Seamwork designs to choose from for your wardrobe plans.
  • Hackable designs that let you play with fabric, detail, and style.
  • Monthly articles to help you reimagine each pattern.
  • 2 new designs each month, so you’ll always have access to fresh ideas.

Magic Ingredient 2:

Design a creative process

Sewing should feel fun, empowering, and creative. And when you make clothes that really express your personality, it can be. Our Design Your Wardrobe program will help you build a structure around your creativity, so you’ll get more joy and satisfaction out of your sewing. That’s what it’s all about, right?

  • Design Your Wardrobe, a 3 week program that takes you step by step through the design process and helps you edit and clarify.
  • Downloadable worksheets and activities to thoughtfully refine your vision.
  • Share with others in our private Seamwork community.
  • Do it at your own pace, or join the community in one of our semi-annual group programs.

Magic Ingredient 3:

See the progress you’re making

We know that creative planning is just the first step. When it comes time to make, we’ll help you learn as you sew.

Every month, we’ll give you more than just patterns. You’ll also get tutorials and ideas in our monthly magazine, plus new videos and tips delivered weekly to help you get the most from each project.

Take your learning further by joining our lively community forum, where you can share your goals, questions, and progress.

  • Learn as you sew with tutorials, articles, ideas, and tips to go with each month’s patterns – including our monthly online magazine.
  • Access to our positive, supportive private community, where you can post your projects and ask questions.
  • Track your sewing goals and cheer on others.
  • Weekly sewing videos and quick tips, all delivered in our weekly newsletter each Wednesday.

What You’ll Get

We’re here to help you create an ongoing creative process that works for you. We do that through a steady rhythm of fun, motivating, and helpful tools.

Twice a year

Design Your Wardrobe Group Program
Join our semi-annual 3-week program as we step through the design process together and cheer each other on in the private Seamwork community.

Once a month

2 New Patterns
Our experienced team of pattern makers, designers, and sewists creates 2 fresh new patterns each month, with versatility and individual style in mind.

1 Bonus Variation
Seamwork members also get a bonus variation for a new pattern each month, available exclusively to members.

1 New Issue of Seamwork Magazine
Read the latest issue of Seamwork Magazine for ideas, pattern hacks, customizations, and techniques to take your patterns even further.

Once a week

Weekly Snippets
Our weekly newsletter brings you videos, articles, makes from the community, and practical tips and tactics to make sewing more joyful. Each week, build your sewing practice.

Any Time

Choose from over 150 patterns
Our extensive catalog of sewing patterns includes dresses, tops, skirts, pants, outerwear, and more. Most of our patterns are wardrobe-builders that are quick to sew, with a sprinkling of bigger projects to challenge you occasionally.

Design Your Wardrobe Self-Guided Program
Want to refresh your sewing queue and need a little guidance? Try the self-guided version of Design Your Wardrobe and keep your creative process on track any time.

A Positive, Supportive Private Community
We’re lucky to have some of the nicest, most helpful sewists you can imagine in our private community. Our team, along with thousands of Seamworkers, are there to talk to you and cheer you on.

Learning Resources to Help You Progress
Grow your skills as you sew. Find articles, tutorials, and videos that relate to your project in our magazine back issues and our Resource Center. We’re constantly adding new resources to help you grow and get creative with our patterns.



Member since 2014


My favorite part about Seamwork is the variety. The library of patterns covers activewear, lingerie, workwear, men’s clothing, casual clothing, and dressy outfits. There is nothing better than knowing that on the first day of the month I am getting two cute patterns that will be integrated into my everyday life.



Member since 2014


When I started to sew, now five years ago, the second garment I made was the Moneta. And the third was a hacked Moneta. I basically learned to sew using Colette and Seamwork patterns and got a lot of confidence from them! I love that there’s a pattern for almost everything and how infinitely customizable they are.



Member since 2015


As a self-taught sewist, Seamwork has served as a lifeline for me. Every month, I look forward to learning new tips and tricks to help improve my sewing. Plus, the diversity of the patterns allows for endless sewing possibilities!



Member since 2019


If you are looking for motivation to get sewing, I recommend a subscription to Seamwork. You will get a credit each month to exchange for a pattern, plus loads of resources and options for customizing your pieces. I am very much a novice, but am gaining confidence with each new project!

Join Over 10,000 Other Happy Sewists

Right after you join, you’ll be able to download your first pattern. We’ll also show you exactly how you can get the most from your membership using our patterns, learning resources, and community. Plus, we’ll send you a downloadable Style Workshop PDF with 10 exercises to help you explore your style.


1 wardrobe-building pattern of your choice each month!

Access to all the bonus variations.

Download all issues of Seamwork Magazine.

Access to our members-only community forum.

$5 off any additional patterns purchased.

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Per Month



Per Month

* Billed Annually at $70


2 wardrobe-building patterns of your choice each month!

Access to all the bonus variations.

Download all issues of Seamwork Magazine.

Access to our members-only community forum.

$5 off any additional patterns purchased.

Up to 20% off fabric from our favorite online shops.


Per Month



Per Month

* Billed Annually at $90

Best Value


Unlimited patterns of your choice each month!

Access to all the bonus variations.

Download all issues of Seamwork Magazine.

Access to our members-only community forum.

Up to 20% off fabric from our favorite online shops.

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Per Month

* Billed Annually at $180

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Style Workshop

Explore and define your style with these 10 fun exercises. Each exercise is designed to take between 5 and 20 minutes and will help you investigate, examine, and define your core personal style. Join Seamwork and we’ll send it to you right away!