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Design Your Wardrobe Part 4: Plan Your Outfits

Episode 156: It's the final week of Design Your Wardrobe! What are Sarai and Haley planning to sew?

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Style & Wardrobe • August 30, 2023 • Episode 156

It’s the final week of Design Your Wardrobe! Sarai and Haley are doing DYW right now, too, and they’re sharing their experiences (and tons of tips) with each module in the course.

This week, they’re sharing the checklists they made that all of their plans must meet, some details about the outfits they put together, and some of the patterns they plan to make.

Tips for Design Your Wardrobe Week Four

  • Listing constraints can help you make decisions. If you make a checklist of everything your garment must achieve, you can cross-check it at any time.

  • Sarai’s constraints are warmth, comfort, layerability, it has to work with boots, and it has to have pockets.

  • Haley’s constraints are warmth, comfort, and launderability.

  • Sarai wants to make a sherpa jacket and a quilted jacket this season. Her outfits include a sweater dress with tights and boots, high-waisted pants and a knit top,
    a mini skirt with a sweater and tights, and a pinafore dress to layer over her long-sleeved blouses. She also wants to knit a sweater vest to wear with a loose dress.

  • Haley wants to make a quilted coat. Her outfits include straight-leg pants and an oversized button-up. Wide-leg pants and an oversized sweater, and an overcoat. Straight-leg or wide-leg pants, a cropped sweater, and a boxier jacket.

  • Outfit formulas can help you plan an outfit! What’s an outfit formula? It’s a simple combination of different garments that combine well to create an entire look. Rather than always trying to put together an outfit from scratch, you can quickly pull garments that complete your favorite formulas.

  • Alternate your challenges. If you plan some big projects, alternate them with quick, easy wins so you don’t get overwhelmed with your plans.

  • Have your plans in your face. This is when physical project plans come in handy. Keep your mood board nearby at all times!

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