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How to Connect With People in the Sewing Community

Episode 144: Building Community: Appreciate, Listen, Share.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast, Creativity & Mindset • May 31, 2023 • Episode 144

Have you been curious about participating in a sewing community, but you aren't sure where to start? In this episode, Sarai and Haley discuss three pillars of community building: listen, appreciate, and share, along with tips for how to break the ice and make new connections with people who love to sew as much as you do.

Below are the show notes for this podcast episode, and a brief summary of what's covered, followed by a full transcript.

The Pillars of Community-building

There are three pillars of community-building. You can use these pillars to help frame how you’d like to participate.

  • Listening. You’re learning from other people’s experiences. Sewing is emotional for many people because we all bring our history and current struggles into the community for support and validation. Giving people space to express themselves and share their experiences is a special thing. One of the most natural ways to participate in any community is by listening to what people say.

  • Appreciation. Showing love for your fellow makers' talent and creativity is part of building a healthy community. Appreciation doesn’t have to be free from solicited, encouraging feedback, but leading with appreciation is the best way to make people feel supported.

  • Sharing. This is where you can reciprocate! When you share your projects and creative ideas, you’re giving back the same vulnerability that other makers have shown to you.

How to Connect with People in the Sewing Community

Here are some tips for engaging in the sewing community based on the pillars above.


  • Show up and poke around. If you’re a little shy, this is a great way to get started. You don’t necessarily have to do anything right away. If you’re browsing an online community, like our private Seamwork community, you can read posts, scan the comments, and become familiar with who’s there. You’ll probably start seeing some familiar faces.

  • Ask a question. This might sound like sharing, but instead of making it about you, asking a question centers the people who help you find the answer. They can share their experiences, allowing you to make that first connection while you’re listening. Also, the sewing community loves to help.

  • Listen to a podcast. This is a very passive way of participating, but it is participating nonetheless—you’re listening! There are a bunch of amazing sewing-themed podcasts out there, too. Sarai and Haley chatted with Caroline and Helen, hosts of the Love to Sew podcast, about their favorite sewing podcasts. And you’ll find a two-part interview with Sarai on the Check Your Thread podcast.

  • Watch videos—specifically sewalongs. Sewalongs are a community-building tool (and we put out a new one each month). You’re getting instructions straight from a pattern company or expert maker, and you’re watching the sewalong with other makers worldwide. Then when you’re done, you have a new garment to show off!


  • Comment on a project. In the Seamwork Community, you can even leave a message of encouragement for someone’s sewing goal. It might help them reach the finish line.

  • Be specific about what you appreciate. These kinds of comments always make the person glow a little more. You can comment on the fabric, the cool pattern hack they did, or how they styled their projects.

  • Just give it a like or an upvote. So many makers work hard to create informative and inspirational blogs, YouTube channels, or posts. Boosting their efforts helps them feel warm and fuzzy and might get their channel some extra attention.

  • Answer a question. Remember how helpful it was when someone answered yours?


  • Share your most recent project. And if you haven't sewn anything recently, share a project you love. This is an easy place to start.

  • Share your sewing plans or goals. Accountability will help you stick to your plans. You also might find other people with similar goals or plans, and you can have a little camaraderie in that.

  • Share a resource (especially a fabric sale). People really appreciate learning about new books, podcasts, patterns, and—most importantly—fabric.

  • Bring someone else into the community. Many of us are seeking community, and if you’re feeling hesitant about getting started, you might have a friend who is feeling the same way. Invite other creative folks to join you; you will help them get the confidence to participate, share, and grow the entire community overall.

Do you have any questions about participating in a community—online or offline? Have you ever felt shy when trying to join a conversation? Comment and let us know!

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