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Style Workshop Part 4: Define

Episode 152: Discover the words that define your core style so you can sew clothes you love to wear.

Posted in: Seamwork Radio Podcast • July 26, 2023 • Episode 152

Welcome to the final part of Style Camp and the last week of Seamwork Summer Sewing Camp 2023!

We hope you’ve enjoyed organizing your sewing space and defining your core style. The show notes below have links to all parts of camp, and you can get your free Sewing Camp Toolkit download through the end of July 2023.

Last week on the podcast, Sarai and Haley helped you examine your style by looking at the differences (or similarities) between the clothes you LOVE to wear and the ones you actually wear.

This week, you’ll gather all the words you’ve come up with throughout the Style Workshop and distill them into 3-5 words to describe your core style.

Part 1: Introduction. Sarai and Haley introduced you to the framework of the Style Workshop and chatted about its creation.

Part 2: Investigate. Then, you investigated your identity in 4 key areas: history, values, culture, and body.

Part 3: Examine. Last week, you examined the clothes you wear the most, and the ones you love to wear the most.

Part 4: Define. Now, you’ll define your core style words so you can walk away with a firm understanding of what you want to express with the clothes you wear.

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