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How to Sew When You Feel Stressed Out

Feeling stressed out? In this episode, Sarai and Haley talk about why it’s hard to sew when you’re stressed, and they share super practical tips for using sewing as a way to remove stress and not add to it.

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  • Episode 18
    Daddy Dressed Me with Michael and Ava

    There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding father-daughter relationships. Once Michael knew he was having a daughter, he was determined to make sure she knew how and provided a way to help express herself, and one way he does that is through sewing.

  • Episode 17
    Overcoming Mistakes with Creative Grit

    We’ll hear stories about overcoming obstacles in our sewing and creative projects, and what approaches help us keep going.

  • Episode 16
    A Bright Spot in the Dark with Ashley

    Sometimes you learn something about your childhood that causes you to see it in a new way. As Ashley grew up, her innocence and relationship with her mom eroded. But somehow, sewing provided that thin thread of connection that never went away.

  • Episode 15
    Creative Community with Kristine Vejar

    Kristine Vejar is an author, natural dyer, and owner of A Verb for Keeping Warm. In 1999, she took her first trip to India. There, she met the Rabari, a small community that changed her perspective and direction for the future.

  • Episode 14
    Beating the Odds with Melissa Fehr

    Melissa Fehr knows activewear. In 2008, she revealed something on her blog: she'd been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder. She'd need a complete bone marrow transplant. This life-changing experience eventually led her to designing patterns.

  • Episode 13
    Loving a person, not their gender with Marie Koupparis

    In September 2015, Marie of the blog A Stitching Odyssey wrote a post called "Loving a Person, Not Their Gender" about the experience of her partner coming out as transgender. In this episode, we speak with Marie and Charlotte.

  • Episode 12
    The Learning Process with Joost De Cock

    Have you ever wanted to just punch in your measurements somewhere and get a pattern that's drafted just for you? Joost De Cock went from sewing pillows to making his own wardrobe to creating this incredible online service in just a few years.

  • Episode 11
    The "head stuff" with Felicia Semple

    Felicia Semple is the creator of The Craft Sessions, an incredible sewing retreat she created to help teach women to find joy and meaning - not perfection - in the practice of craft.

  • Episode 10
    Let's talk money with Heather Lewenza

    Talking money is tough. In this episode, designer and founder of Closet Case Patterns Heather Lewenza talks about how money and spending have shaped her values and led her to a career in sewing.

  • Episode 9
    A Shift in Mindset with Jacqui Palhegyi

    Jacqui Palhegyi is the blogger behind Birds of a Thread, a sewing and ethical fashion blog. She's always been passionate about issues of social justice. On a trip to Egypt, an encounter forever shifted what she knew about clothing.

  • Episode 8
    Open Up with Jennifer Wiese

    Jennifer Wiese is the founder of Brooklyn Sewing Studio. In this episode, she tells the story of putting on a major sewing event, and the unexpected benefits of being open to mistakes.

  • Episode 7
    Design, Fame, and Villainy with Gretchen Jones

    Cast as a villain on Project Runway season 8, Gretchen Jones talks about life and design after her experience after her controversial win.

  • Episode 6
    The Opposite of Creative Block with Leah Price

    After spending ten years in what she describes as almost complete isolation, caring for her two children with special needs, Leah discovered a deep and abiding creative energy in repurposing what is unloved and wasted.

  • Episode 5
    A Dream of Self-Sufficiency with Morgan Meredith

    From the time she was little, Morgan knew she wanted a life that she could control. But when her husband decided to join the military, she thought those dreams might be shattered.

  • Episode 4
    It's Worth It with Sadie Roberts of Tradlands

    Sadie Roberts and her partner started their label, Tradlands, without a lot of money or experience. Hear Sadie's story of starting a US-made clothing label from the ground up, and how and why labels like hers can thrive.

  • Episode 3
    The Proud Sewist with Matthew Holloway

    Growing up in Oklahoma, Matthew always had the sense that he wasn't "normal." As he grew up, he began to ask questions. What's wrong with being interested in "feminine" things?

  • Episode 2
    Making Your Own Mold with Charlie Wensley

    Before she rediscovered her love of making clothes, Charlie Wensley struggled to meet expectations about the kind of person she thought she was supposed to be, culminating in a battle with post-natal depression.

  • Episode 1
    A Radical Change in Confidence with Jenny Rushmore

    Jenny Rushmore founded Cashmerette and The Curvy Sewing Collective. She's a woman who exudes confidence in everything she does. But it wasn't always this way. Learn how Jenny overcame childhood bullying and found her voice in the sewing community.