March, 2015 | Issue 4
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What’s Inside

  • March is a time for transitions and change.
  • Artists, designers, and products that are inspiring us this month
  • Mix up your own lavender rose milk bath. By Christine Power.
  • Create a shoulder yoke from a simple bodice pattern. By Devon Iott.
  • Make the most of your patterns by learning how to vary your fabric choices for any time of year.
  • A visit to a Tennessee farm reveals the miraculous processes that turn fleece to fabric. By Devon Iott.
  • You can make almost any garment work both ways by making a few smart choices.
  • We show you how to sew this classic neckline—and how to draft your own.
  • The crafts of knitting, crochet, and sewing merge in this slinky dress from the 1960s.
  • This month, we looked for lightweight knits for the Aberdeen top and sturdy mix-and-match fabrics for the reversible Osaka skirt.
  • Where to get fabric, supplies, and recommended additional reading for this issue.

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