Seamwork Issue 21

August, 2016

Creative practices not only develop new skills, they also change who we are as humans.

Create a toning and nourishing crumbled clay mask, by Kat Siddle.

Changing how we think about fabric waste, by Jessica Yen.

Lifelong learning through craft, by Sallianne Hines

Master three variations of this gorgeous dyeing technique, by Alyson Provax.

The artist and the people that built the personas, by Betsy Blodgett.

Discover—and use—the palette within, by Lindy Thibodaux

Partners Lara and Caitlin show us how they work together to design and print their fabric line, by Sarai Mitnick.

Become a fabric expert with this month’s patterns.

Create a simplified Lynn dress, by Anna Aguirre.

Mix and match patterns for a unique me-made wardrobe.

Manipulate your fabric for custom yardage.

Take a tour of the best museums fashion has to offer, by Charlotte Powell.

Where to get fabric and supplies, as well as recommended additional reading for this issue.

Meet the writers, makers, and artists from this month’s issue.

Episode 13: Loving a person, not their gender with Marie of A Stitching Odyssey

The shift for any endeavor.

The multi-seasonal wrap cardigan

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