Seamwork Issue 29

April, 2017

Hello Seamworkers, And welcome to the April issue of Seamwork! Last month I wrote about …

Everything you need to know about Gretta and Leonora.

Tips and tricks for sewing professional denim garments, by Haley Glenn.

Installing denim hardware for a professional finish, by Katie Whittle.

Creating a path to a more thoughtful wardrobe, by Sarai Mitnick.

Learn how to customize Leonora and Gretta to create a garment you love, by Anna Aguirre.

Mix and match patterns for a unique me-made wardrobe.

Explore how fabric choice can completely change a garment’s look.

Learn about the best fabrics for Gretta and Leonora.

Resources and additional favorites for this issue.

Meet the writers, makers, and artists from this month’s issue.

The Denim Skirt

The shoulder tie tank top

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