Seamwork Issue 5

April, 2015

What gives the floral print such enduring appeal?

Keep your skin fresh and moisturized with an ultra-natural toner mist. By Christine Power.

Learn to create French darts from a basic block. By Devon Iott.

Grab a cup of coffee and shop for dreamy fabrics in this creative northwestern city.

Sewing has radically changed my body image in ways I never could have imagined. By Jenny Rushmore.

Flowery fabrics tell the story of an evolving notion of femininity through the decades. By Piper Springs.

An investigation into where our fabric comes from. By Heather Lewenza.

Create a lush, modern floral by scanning three-dimensional flowers.

Add sheer layers over bold florals to create a look reminiscent of vintage cocktail gowns.

Reinforce your pockets with decorative machine stitches or vintage techniques.

A closer look at two floral feed sack dresses

This month, we looked for sweater knits in spring colors for the Astoria cropped sweater and bright romantic florals for the Bristol skirt.

Where to get fabric, supplies, and recommended additional reading for this issue.

A quick and easy skirt with a few surprises.

Enjoy the vintage charm of a cropped sweater.

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