The Body Issue

January, 2016 | Issue 14
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What’s Inside

  • Using your body can revolutionize your mind.
  • Relax with a Sweet Cream Soak Powder, by Kat Siddle.
  • Create a Rio tee with a unique overlapping back keyhole, by Devon Iott.
  • Uncover inspiration, vintage finds, history, and a vibrant local designer scene in Scotland’s capital city, by Kristina J Seznec.
  • Sewing eases the decision to get a mastectomy, by Nicki Taylor.
  • How we wound up with our current sizing system, by Katrina Robinson.
  • The thoughtful process behind creating a customized athletic wear wardrobe, by Melissa Fehr.
  • Increase strength and mobility with eight simple exercises, by Haley Glenn and Kelly Lippert.
  • Make athletic wear at home that will perform with your body, by Alyson Clair.
  • Explore the construction of a girdle from the 1950s.
  • Let rituals transform your year, by Jessica Yen.
  • Mix and match patterns for a unique me-made wardrobe.
  • This month, we looked for light-weight knits and athletic fabrics for Rio, and heavy, four-way stretch fabrics for Aires.
  • Where to get fabric, supplies, and recommended additional reading for this issue.
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  • Contributing Writers Kat Siddle Kat Siddle is a librarian and fashion school dropout from Vancouver, …
  • Work up a sweat in these stylish activewear leggings.
  • Rio
    The active tee that looks great on the run.

January 2016

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